A Professional Bodybuilder and Men’s Bodybuilding and Fitness Coach.

Payam Bavili Tabrizi was born on December 7th, 1994 in the city of Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran. He’s professional bodybuilder and men’s bodybuilding and fitness coach that has received his international certificate from Germany.

Payam Bavili is a Bodybuilder, Actor , the manager of the Mola Gym and the vice-president of the East Azerbaijan Bodybuilding Association. He is also a member of the executive board in the Sayokan world federation and has been a member of the board of directors in Iran Tractor Forging Co. (I.T. Forging) for seven years now.


• Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Islamic Azad University of Tabriz

Job Titles

  • Vice-president of the East Azerbaijan Bodybuilding Association,
  • Member of the executive board in East-Azerbaijan Martial Arts Association – Saykokan world federation ,
  • Actor & Location manager ,
  • Member of the board of directors in Iran Tractor Forging Co. (I. T. Forging),
  • CEO of Horse Nail Project
  • founder of the Mola brand, the manager of the Mola Gym.

bodybuilding career

Payam Bavili started his bodybuilding career at the age of 18 (in 2012) with a weight of 48 kilograms in Ayandeh Sazan gym located in Tabriz. He participated in his first provincial competition in 2013 but couldn’t win anything. However, he didn’t give up and kept going with even more passion and perseverance. In february of 2015, he won the provincial competition in the minus-75kg youth branch.

He continued his bodybuilding career after being accepted to study mechanical engineering. In 2016, in addition to graduating and receiving his bachelor’s degree, he won first place in the youth body classic branch in the provincial competition of 2016. He won fifth place in the adult body classic branch in the same competition. He also achieved fourth place in the adult bodybuilding branch and sixth place in the national tournament and managed to enter the national youth team via the National Youth Team Technical Committee. Unfortunately, he couldn’t participate in any tournaments as the national youth team didn’t manage to enter any. In the summer of 2017, he won the silver medal in the Jameh Sardaran International Tournament of East Azerbaijan. In the autumn of the same year, he achieved fifth place in the under-23 youth branch of the Grand Prix Bodybuilding Tournament. He officially founded the Mola brand and the Mola Gym in 2017. In 2019, the gym was moved to the Valiasr region of Tabriz and was further equipped. It has been the best and most equipped gym in the province and has been utilized by 10 of the best bodybuilding clubs of Iran ever since.

Payam Bavili is currently a member of the executive board in the Saicokan* Group and the vice-president of the East Azerbaijan Bodybuilding Association. He also has seven years of experience working as a member of the board of directors in Iran Tractor Forging Co. (I. T. Forging).

According to Payam Bavili, this young and passionate entrepreneur of our country, his next goal is winning in Mr Olympia Amateur of Spain and London in 2022.


Professional bodybuilding since 2016.


Certified coach with several credentials.


Popular and Reputed Atlethe.


Creative and Confidant Manager.


  • Expert Fitness Coaching Certificate from FPAG of Germany in 2015,
  • Expert Fitness Coaching Certificate from PULLAFIT in 2015 ,
  • Fitness Trainer Certificate from IFPE Academy in 2016,
  • Started coaching in 2018 by founding the Mola Gym .


• Payam Bavili is the second son of a four-member family.
• He got married in Aban 1400 (November 2021)

Personal Information

• Birthday: December 7th, 1994
• Height: 178 cm
• Weight: 116 kg


The list of Payam Bavili’s achievements and accomplishments sorted by year:

Title Year Rank
Minus-75 kg Youth 2014 Bronze medal and provincial championship award
Under-23 Youth Body Classic 2016 First place (provincial)
Adult Body Classic 2016 Fifth place
Adult Bodybuilding 2016 Fourth place
National Tournament 2017 Sixth place (national)
Jameh Sardaran International Tournament 2017 Silver medal
Grand Prix Bodybuilding Tournament 2017 Fifth place in under -23 youth
Grand Prix Georgia 2022 First place in under -90kg
WBPF Asia 2022 Third place in up to 100 KG
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